4 Easy Way to a Clean & Clear Windshields

Maintaining your car’s windshield clean isn’t just important so that the car looks nice it’s also a vital security precaution. Filthy windshields fall visibility while driving which is a recipe for failure. It’s possible for you to take measures to maintain your windshields, have it clean and clear quickly and inexpensively. Here are some strategies for keeping a clean windshield using some likely things that you will find at home.

Cleaning the windshield


Stripes and marks in your windshield could be eradicated using only a can of pop! Any can of cola may be used to remove the grime on your windshield. If you’re going to get this done, we advise placing a towel at the bottom of the windshield, so the cola doesn’t leak onto the hood of your vehicle and eats away in the paint. Also, we recommend rinsing the cola off with water afterward.


Don’t stress! It’s possible for you to use vodka! Well, not only vodka you’ll like to combine three parts vodka with four parts water as well as a bit of liquid dish detergent.

Baby Wipes

Infant wipes include cleaning ingredients that don’t simply work on a newborn; they work in your windshield also! Keeping a box of wipes in your glove compartment is a straightforward means to scrub your windshield at any given time.


Lots of individuals overlook cleaning their windshield wipers, but if those are filthy, they make your windows filthy with each wipe.

Baking Soda

Baking soda could act as a windshield cleaner at the same time. Shake well, and you’re able to work with to scrub your auto!

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